Creation for my HS yearbook

When I was back in high school I was an art student. During my senior year I was selected as the head of creative design for my schools yearbook team. My role was to work together with my team in designing the entire book from cover to cover. We made a layout, theme for each section, gathered quotes and photos from the senior class and more.

Below are one of the pieces of the book I created myself. I hand-drew a view of the front of my school, which I later put in photoshop to digitally add color. The final outcome of my drawing was added to the first page of the yearbook, with the words, drawn by Kiana Abrahams. I was excited to have the opportunity to share my art with everyone as well as to make a meaningful collection of memories for my senior class.

This was the final version of my drawing, which was added to the yearbook!

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