Dreams Vs. Reality

In my senior year of high school as I took AP art, my teacher asked my class to choose a theme for our large projects, the first being a hands project, followed by a self-portrait, then we did a transition. The idea I decided after much consideration was dreams versus reality. In which I choose to use myself as the focus of my art and explore things I wanted to do and accomplish soon or long-term. This theme sort of separated my life into what was within my grasp and what I desired.

My transition project was hard to achieve because it’s not easy to move from one object to another in a completely smooth manner, but I did my best. In this piece, I decided to move from an mp3 player playing a song I enjoy from one of my favorite Kpop groups to a concert ticket. At this point in my life, I hadn’t got the chance to go to a concert, so it was my dream to attend them. Another aspect of this composition was the headphones, and I transitioned them to a sharpie marker. This art piece symbolized not only that in reality, I was listening to my favorite artist, but that I one day hoped to not only listen to them but to be given a chance to meet them and get a signature. Since the time I’ve created this project, I have been to at least 50 concerts, but unfortunately, I never got a chance to see the Kpop group that was the subject matter of this transition.

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