First time working with color in oil paint

During my Fall 2018 semester of college, I challenged my skills and abilities. The paintings below in order were still-life’s that took me several hours, even after class-time hours to complete. I gave it my all in each brush stroke and intended mark and color. Because I am a perfectionist especially with my art, it was challenging to step away and be completely satisfied with my piece. After doing the best of my ability, I was finally able to walk away with pride.

In the piece above my class was asked to used shades of green with black and white to create a monochromatic color scheme.  All the paintings my class worked on before this still-life was composed in black and white. This painting was the actual first time I got to use colors beyond black and white.

Something unique about this next painting, other than the fact that it was probably one of the most complex creations of mine from that semester,  what makes this piece unique is that I completed it at home with objects from my own home. I arranged this still-life composition. This painting is one of my favorites to date.

While the piece before this next was created at home, the following was an in-class assignment. My style and composition were more simplified than the two previous paintings, mainly because my professor was a fan of simplicity. Even though I am usually extra and detailed oriented, I took the challenge of using simpler forms, but still adding details where it counts. Thought this image was different from my usual style, I enjoy the outcome of it.

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