Portraits of others

I have been a fan of Kpop (South Korean Music) since the summer of 2011, back then one of the first people I declared as my bias ( a term used in the Kpop world, means your favorite or everything). The portrait above was my first attempt at fan art. I saw a magazine spread of a EXO, a Kpop group I was into at the time. And after seeing the photo I was inspired. So I did a sketch of EXO’s Kai.

Another opportunity I found to do a sketch was when I was practicing doing portraits for my class in Highschool. I found an image of the woman above on Google, and took a shot at recreating her.

The last art of this post was a portrait requested for me to personally create by my Art teacher in high school. The girl in this piece was a freshman that attended my school for a short period of time. She was unfortunately shot on a bus while on her way home in my neighborhood. She was so young and beautiful, with a whole life ahead of her, sadly it was cut short in a tragic occurrence of gun violence. Her friends and family wanted this picture to honor her memory and to portray her as if she got to graduate with her class. #RIP #GoneButNeverForgotten ?

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