Working with Charcoal

When I took drawing 101 in my Junior year of college, I soon realized that the expectations of my professor were far beyond the introductory level. Due to his expectations, I pushed myself and became a better artist. Using charcoal was challenging at first, but I got the hang of it rather quickly. Even though I improved the class was still rigorous because the majority of the pieces we created we large-scale, most of my early works were smaller scaled. So that in itself was a challenge.

In the piece above my class was instructed to use white charcoal to depict only the highlight (areas of light) in the still-life.


This next piece was one of the earliest charcoal artworks I created during the semester of drawing 101. Even though I was still figuring out my skill set at this point, I thought it came out well.

This last piece was one of the larger pieces I created, it’s probably as tall as me, or taller, and I’m 5’2″. 

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