My Most Massive Art-2-Date

Once again, in drawing 101, I worked with a model for my subject matter. I used my older sister once more for the final of the class. Our instructions were to use any materials, either charcoal, conté, ink, or even pencils to create our final project. We had to do a portrait of yourself or a family member. It had to be in a full-scale body and life-size image. This piece is my most massive because it is larger than a door in size.

My project in progress

This assignment took me three full days to complete. I used white charcoal, and the entire pack of my conté to create this. In the end, both my sister and I were thrilled with the outcome, and it looks exactly like her.

My bathroom in Conté

Similar to the art medium charcoal, there is conté, which are a type of crayons that makes smoother marks and comes in more of a variety of colors. For this assignment in drawing 101, my class had to take the view of our bathroom, looking in from the hall to create a still-life. Given the chance to use materials that had more color, I choose to use all four colors of the pack of Conté we received that semester.

The MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) Gallery Visit

For this piece, my class of drawing 101 were sent to a gallery of our choosing. I choose the Met because as a student I could pay suggested pricing with my ID card, anywhere from a penny. At the gallery we had to find a piece in the greek and roman sculpture section, select and recreate the still-life. This art was another one of my larger pieces. I choose to not only include the statue but to also set the scene with the figures and details of the background.

Working from live models

One of the significant accomplishments of an artist is to work from a live person as you try to capture this essence and form. In the first image, after much convincing, I got my older sister to sit for me while I draw from her calf downward. In my drawing 101 class, we were told to depict feet crossed over one another, with a portion of legs. I was delighted with the outcome of this piece. It looks identical to my sister’s actual feet!

The image below was the first time I had the opportunity to work from a model. A former student of my professor came in and got in position while the class worked through the four-hour course attempting to recreate her from our view. Thought the angle of she was positioned at was awkward for me, I did my best to reflect what I saw.

Working with Charcoal

When I took drawing 101 in my Junior year of college, I soon realized that the expectations of my professor were far beyond the introductory level. Due to his expectations, I pushed myself and became a better artist. Using charcoal was challenging at first, but I got the hang of it rather quickly. Even though I improved the class was still rigorous because the majority of the pieces we created we large-scale, most of my early works were smaller scaled. So that in itself was a challenge.

In the piece above my class was instructed to use white charcoal to depict only the highlight (areas of light) in the still-life.


This next piece was one of the earliest charcoal artworks I created during the semester of drawing 101. Even though I was still figuring out my skill set at this point, I thought it came out well.

This last piece was one of the larger pieces I created, it’s probably as tall as me, or taller, and I’m 5’2″. 

Black and White Compositions

Once again in my painting class, I created still-lifes, but before I got to use colors, I worked extensively with black and white oil paint.

This piece was the first piece I created in my painting class

Another at-home assignment of my mine, I arranged this still-life and attempted to show reflection using two spoons and my mirror.

In this in-class assignment, I once again created a still-life composed only of reflective objects. The challenge was to make these objects appear as reflective as they were.

First time working with color in oil paint

During my Fall 2018 semester of college, I challenged my skills and abilities. The paintings below in order were still-life’s that took me several hours, even after class-time hours to complete. I gave it my all in each brush stroke and intended mark and color. Because I am a perfectionist especially with my art, it was challenging to step away and be completely satisfied with my piece. After doing the best of my ability, I was finally able to walk away with pride.

In the piece above my class was asked to used shades of green with black and white to create a monochromatic color scheme.  All the paintings my class worked on before this still-life was composed in black and white. This painting was the actual first time I got to use colors beyond black and white.

Something unique about this next painting, other than the fact that it was probably one of the most complex creations of mine from that semester,  what makes this piece unique is that I completed it at home with objects from my own home. I arranged this still-life composition. This painting is one of my favorites to date.

While the piece before this next was created at home, the following was an in-class assignment. My style and composition were more simplified than the two previous paintings, mainly because my professor was a fan of simplicity. Even though I am usually extra and detailed oriented, I took the challenge of using simpler forms, but still adding details where it counts. Thought this image was different from my usual style, I enjoy the outcome of it.

Painting fruits

In high school I did my rendition of a preexisting artwork, the original piece was initially done in oil paint, for my art, I chose to use skills and materials I learned that year to recreate the image in watercolor paint.

Last semester (Fall 2018) I was in a painting class. For the first time, I got the chance to work with oil paint. Though the texture and quality of the oil paint are different from watercolor, my experience with watercolor paint allowed me to create beautiful still-lifes throughout the semester! The image below was a still-life of oranges, and our task was to work with complementary colors as we recreated the scene in front of us.

Portraits of others

I have been a fan of Kpop (South Korean Music) since the summer of 2011, back then one of the first people I declared as my bias ( a term used in the Kpop world, means your favorite or everything). The portrait above was my first attempt at fan art. I saw a magazine spread of a EXO, a Kpop group I was into at the time. And after seeing the photo I was inspired. So I did a sketch of EXO’s Kai.

Another opportunity I found to do a sketch was when I was practicing doing portraits for my class in Highschool. I found an image of the woman above on Google, and took a shot at recreating her.

The last art of this post was a portrait requested for me to personally create by my Art teacher in high school. The girl in this piece was a freshman that attended my school for a short period of time. She was unfortunately shot on a bus while on her way home in my neighborhood. She was so young and beautiful, with a whole life ahead of her, sadly it was cut short in a tragic occurrence of gun violence. Her friends and family wanted this picture to honor her memory and to portray her as if she got to graduate with her class. #RIP #GoneButNeverForgotten ?

Dreams Vs. Reality

In my senior year of high school as I took AP art, my teacher asked my class to choose a theme for our large projects, the first being a hands project, followed by a self-portrait, then we did a transition. The idea I decided after much consideration was dreams versus reality. In which I choose to use myself as the focus of my art and explore things I wanted to do and accomplish soon or long-term. This theme sort of separated my life into what was within my grasp and what I desired.

My transition project was hard to achieve because it’s not easy to move from one object to another in a completely smooth manner, but I did my best. In this piece, I decided to move from an mp3 player playing a song I enjoy from one of my favorite Kpop groups to a concert ticket. At this point in my life, I hadn’t got the chance to go to a concert, so it was my dream to attend them. Another aspect of this composition was the headphones, and I transitioned them to a sharpie marker. This art piece symbolized not only that in reality, I was listening to my favorite artist, but that I one day hoped to not only listen to them but to be given a chance to meet them and get a signature. Since the time I’ve created this project, I have been to at least 50 concerts, but unfortunately, I never got a chance to see the Kpop group that was the subject matter of this transition.