Vapor Wave ~ Flashback, and something older

Though I usually post physical artworks I’ve created, I wanted to share a touch of my digital art as well…

Its been a couple of weeks since I had the opportunity of learning about and creating my very own vaporwave art. I am still in awe of how well this came out. I used my favorite colors, and though they seem to be a common trend in the vapor art world, I tried my best to make sure my rendition was very unique and purposeful. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make one that looks this good again, but I’m willing to try 🙂


OMO, proud owner of a website!!!!!

Feeling like I never owned anything before. Obviously thats not true, but still I’m  excited.

Still getting use to the fact that I can post what I want. Having this new found freedom, my creative juices are already flowing.

I’ve decided that I’ll dedicate this website to showcasing the art I’ve made over the years. My art is certainly something I am proud of, as I continue to improve as an artist I’d like to use this website as a way of sharing and reflecting on my current and previous work!